Tax Reform & 256,000 Children

Letter to the Editor: Independent Tribune

Monroe, NC

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Tax Reform and 256,000 Children

As a cancer doctor, I treated many people who struggled to pay both for their chemotherapy treatment and their electric bill. In our country, a devastating cancer diagnosis means a family could be crippled by out-of-control debt. I decided to run for the NC House because I watched too many patients die because they couldn’t afford the drugs or treatment. I decided to run because our politicians are not acting in our best interest.

This week, Congress pushed their tax reform bill that temporarily cuts taxes for middle-income families while permanently cutting taxes for the richest Americans. But - Congress also decided to let the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) expire. CHIP provides healthcare coverage to 256,000 children in North Carolina whose families lack access to affordable employer-based or private insurance.

Many of these children are sons and daughters of former patients of mine - people whose families are still paying for outrageously expensive medicine. The Republican Party has lost all integrity. It’s not the Republican Party I used to know. The Republican Party I used to know wouldn’t sacrifice the livelihoods of thousands of our children for a few cheap political points.

I call on Representative Pittenger and Congress to immediately renew the Children's Health Insurance Program and stop playing politics with our lives.


Dr. Rick Foulke, Waxhaw

Candidate for NC House 68


Richard Foulke